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Customer Analytics Is Customer Retention

Groundbreaking technology is fast evolving ever so as much as the consumer’s demands. Currently, more than half of payment transactions and the online purchases are being be made on smart devices. As the functionality of smart devices and other connected platforms are predicting ahead of time what the consumer of the future would expect, data regarding the consumers journey would be delivered to retailers fingertips to make informed decisions. The power of this ever-evolving technology will improve quality of life and demand for a change in the approach of brands and retail companies dealing with their customers.

Every organization aims to place their customer at the heart of the business as the customer plays a crucial role in how the business is operating. In the market today, data analytics and omni-com channel interaction with the customer has never been imperative. Surviving in the retail industry is not an easy task, brands must constantly engage with their consumers on daily basis through social media, email marketing, mobile marketing, etc. and be aware of their habits, their lifestyle to stay on top of the trends in the market to stay relevant.

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